Heavy Duty Galvanized Cattle Feed Panels

Sturdy and affordable solution for your cattle feeding needs.

Our Heavy Duty Galvanized Cattle Feeder Panels are versatile solutions for your cattle feeding needs, including fence line feeder panels and hay feeder panels.


Whether it’s hay, silage, or grain, these panels are designed for use in fence lines, barns, sheds, or bunks.


The robust frame is crafted from 2″ x 3″ 16-gauge rectangular steel tubing, ensuring durability and longevity. These panels stand at a height of 50″. 


The S-bar design of these Heavy Duty Cattle Feeder Panels serves as a deterrent, preventing calves from slipping through the bars.

The panels come with a convenient P-style drop-pin hookup, ensuring a secure and hassle-free setup for your feeding needs. 


Choose from our selection of Heavy Cattle Feeder Panels, available in both open and sheeted options and lengths ranging from 6′ to 12′.

The versatility of these panels allows you to tailor your feeding setup to the specific requirements of your livestock.

Optimize your cattle feeding experience with our durable and affordable Cattle Feeder Panels, designed to meet the diverse needs of your herd.


10', 12', 6', 8'

Panel Bottom Style

Open, Sheeted

Open GALVANIZED CATTLE FEEDER PANELHeavy Duty Galvanized Cattle Feed Panels
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