Galvanized Cattle Sweep System

This Cattle Sweep System is a durable and affordable solution built for effective and safe cattle handling. 

Starting at $7,800!

The Galvanized Cattle Sweep System is a sturdy and versatile solution designed for efficient cattle handling.


Featuring a 180° sweep tub, 20′ of alley in the standard configuration, and constructed from durable 2″ round and 2″ x 3″ rectangular 16-gauge tubing, this system offers a reliable setup for safe cattle management. 


Designed with simplicity in mind, the Cattle Sweep System is a practical investment for long-term productivity.

Standing at a secure 6′ tall with nine bars from top to bottom, the open sided system ensures a controlled environment for handling livestock.

The 6′ x 20′ holding area and the option for left- or right-hand application provide adaptable solutions for your specific needs. 

This system creates a low-stress environment for efficiently moving cattle to the squeeze chute ensuring a smooth handling process.  

Complete Package

Contact us to ensure the right hookup to your existing squeeze chute, or we can quote you chutes also to make a complete package.

Optimize your cattle management efficiency with the Cattle Sweep System – a durable and affordable solution built for effective and safe handling.   


Right Hand Sweep, Left Hand Sweep

Galvanized Cattle Sweep System Front RightGalvanized Cattle Sweep System
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