Heavy Duty Galvanized Corral Pen

Heavy Duty Corral Pen is designed to provide a rugged solution for cattle and livestock containment.

Starting at $1,300!

Enhance your livestock management with our reliable Heavy-Duty Corral Pens, designed to provide a rugged solution for your cattle and livestock containment.


Crafted with care from sturdy 2″ 16-gauge galvanized tubing, our 12′ panels offer durability and stability, delivering a sturdy and effective solution for containment. 

Standing at a 5′ tall, our galvanized Heavy-Duty Corral panels offer secure livestock confinement with a reliable P-shaped drop pin hookup system, making tool-less assembly easy. 


For convenient access, our Walk-Thru options come in 4′ and 6′ sizes, built with durable 2″ x 3″ 16-gauge rectangular tubing.

The Walk-Thru features a 7′ 6″ tall arch, promoting easy entry and exit for both livestock and caretakers. 


Tailor your livestock management setup with both round pen and square pen sizes ranging from 40′ to 100′, providing flexibility to meet your unique needs.

Whether it’s simple confinement or a comprehensive solution for cattle and other large livestock, our Heavy-Duty Corral Pens offer practicality and expandability. 

Invest in a dependable solution for an efficient livestock confinement experience. 

Kit Size

40', 60', 80', 100'

Walk-Thru Size

4', 6'

Green River Gate's 20' corral pen.Heavy Duty Galvanized Corral Pen
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