Galvanized Small Animal Corral Pens

This Small Animal Corral is available in a variety of sizes to fit your unique needs.

Starting at $645!


Our durable Galvanized Small Animal Corral Pens are designed with functionality in mind and made from robust 1-3/4″ 19-gauge steel tubing. These corral pens provide a secure and comfortable environment for your small animals.  


Our adaptable solutions come in a variety of sizes to fit your unique needs. The panels are available in 4′, 6′, and 8′ options, and we offer Walk-Thru sizes of 4′ and 6′.  

Each pen is fitted with 3′ graduated hog wire to safely contain your livestock, with an alternative 2″ x 4″ wire option available for added versatility.


Setup is easy, our 11” P-shaped drop pen feature is designed to keep the Walk-Thru securely closed and minimize escape risks.  


Perfect for confining goats, sheep, miniature horses, and other small animals, our pens are ideal for a wide range of applications – from simple containment to specialized uses such as kidding or lambing.  


Sold in convenient kits, our user-friendly Small Animal Corral Pens cater to all, from first-time farmers to seasoned ranchers. These kits can be shipped right to your door.

Rethink your approach to livestock care with our versatile and affordable Small Animal Corral Pens. 

Square Pen Size

4'x4' w/ 4' Walk-Thru, 4'x6' w/ 4' Walk-Thru, 4'x8' w/ 4' Walk-Thru, 6'x6' w/ 6' Walk-Thru, 6'x8' w/ 6' Walk-Thru

GALVANIZED SMALL ANIMAL CORRAL PEN front leftGalvanized Small Animal Corral Pens
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